Following services are provided:


Tooth implants

Use of dental implants is increasing when it comes to patients with tooth loss. Treatment by inserting implants proved to be stable, functional and successful measure for providing a high level of comfortability for the patient.

Implants can compensate for one or more missing teeth. In addition, implants may form fixing systems for major teeth compensation (bridges) or for dental braces.

Highly purified titanium is used as a basic material for dental implants. In particular, this material is convenient in relation to the tissue (biocompatible) and it forms a safe connection with the bone (osseointegration). From a biological point of view it appears as neutral and does not cause allergic or foreign body reactions.

Prerequisites for performing the implantation are the following:

  • sufficient bone volume
  • sufficient space for the crown
  • good mouth hygiene
  • jaw development is finished

The benefits of the implants are the following:

  • Prevention of bone mass loss (maintenance bones that disintegrate without the mechanical pressure)
  • Saving healthy teeth
  • Efficient therapy when it comes to tooth loss due to gingivitis (implants as a result of parodontopathy)
  • Routine surgery manly without any risks
  • Biocompatibility is ensured
  • Optimistic prognosis, cost-effective therapy due to long-term duration.


Dental prosthetics allows for teeth compensation, look and functionality improving.

Prosthetics include: 

Tooth veneers, crowns bridges and dentures – total, partial and implant-supported. You can choose among ultimate materials for crowns and bridges, i.e. metaloceramic, E-max ceramic, zirconium-ceramic.


is a branch of stomatology that studies the health of gums and supporting dental apparatus. Nowadays, parodontopathy is the most spread disease, but preventive measures and treatment in its early stage can prevent its occurrence and progress.

Oral surgery

Dental radiography

We offer different methods for a full diagnostics.

Digital orthopantomograph, or panoramic image is one of the main diagnostic methods in stomatology. Orthopantomography can be used even for children due to a small amount of radiation.  The only population that should not be exposed to orthopantomography are pregnant women. Thanks to digitalisation and most modern technology, our x-ray devices have the lowest possible dose of radiation not considered harmful.

Besides panoramic images and if needed, retroalveoral films or individual tooth films can be made.

3D diagnostics is considered to be a growing imperative in stomatology. Besides perfect precision and possibility of bones overview it allows for check of bone density, which is considered to be a basic prerequisite for implant insertion. 3D is critical when it comes to virtual implant insertion, i.e. computer/guided implantology.

Conservative stomatology

Deals with dental defect repairment and conservation of a tooth using high quality fillings. We advocate for a holistic, healthy stomatology and we use fillings that are aesthetic and without any toxic substances.


Endodontic treatment deals with infected tooth root canals followed by their obturation. The primary goal of an endodontic treatment is to preserve the natural tooth and postpone its prosthetic conservation or implant insertion. This can be achieved by applying the vital pulp therapy, non-surgical treatment of the root canal, repeated therapy and whitening of endodontically treated teeth.

Aesthetic stomatology

A beautiful smile is an important part of the impression we make during our interaction with other people. By combining artistic skills and modern technology we will make sure that you leave our clinic with a more beautiful smile and plenty of self-confidence. In relation to this, we offer:

  • composite facets
  • ceramic facets
  • teeth whitening

Ceramic facets (veneers) are thin, transparent replacement attached to the front area of a tooth that completely blend into the natural tooth. They are made of non-metal ceramic and in line with high aesthetic criteria.

Veneers can be used to reduce the space between the teeth, or to change the shape, size and appearance of a tooth. Also, they make a good solution when it comes to change in tooth colour, when there is a gradation in colour of the enamel, which results in bad aesthetics. Furthermore, they are often used for front teeth where multiple fillings had been placed so the colour and structure of those fillings did not longer give a natural and beautiful look.

Teeth whitening is a pleasant, painless and completely safe procedure. The treatment is carried out by using gel based on hydrogen peroxide. Then, the "zoom" lamp triggers a chemical reaction. This method ensures the best, the quickest and the most visible results. The procedure is fully controlled by the dentist, which makes it completely safe and harmless. It lasts for about 45 minutes and teeth end being 5 to 6 shades whiter.