General dentistry

General dentistry includes one or more conservative procedures aimed at recovering a lost part of a tooth.

Once all the carious lesions are removed, a tooth is treated with high quality fillings. We advocate for a holistic, healthy stomatology and we use filling that are aesthetic and without any toxic substances.

Endodontics. Endodontic therapy includes treatment of the infected root canal followed by its obturation. The primary goal of an endodontic treatment is to preserve the natural tooth and postpone its prosthetic conservation or implant insertion. This can be achieved by applying the vital pulp therapy, non-surgical treatment of the root canal, repeated therapy and whitening of endodontically treated teeth.

Removing plaque is an un-invasive, completely safe and painless process of cleaning teeth and regular oral hygiene. The fact is that plaque is created on a daily basis but due to inadequate hygiene microorganisms start multiplying, which eventually becomes a threat to healthy teeth and gums.