Dental prosthetics

Dental prostetics makes it possible to replace missing teeth and improve the appearance and functionality of existing teeth.

Dental prosthetics include preparation of veneers, crowns, and bridges while mobile prosthetics is dentures, regardless whether it is total, partial or denture on implants.

You can choose from variety of top-notch materials used for making crowns and bridges, such as metal-ceramics, E-max ceramics, zirconia ceramics.

A dental crown is a fixed prosthetic replacement which is placed on natural teeth and is used to replace very damaged or unattractive teeth. The materials used to create crowns are: metal ceramics, E-max and zirconia. You can choose from dental materials and we will ensure you receive high quality.

A bridge is created from more units or crowns connected in one whole. Bridges are most often used when teeth in a row need to be replaced or if some of the teeth are very week and others need to carry them.