Aestetic stomatology

Veneers are thin transparent replacements attached to the front area of the tooth completely matching the natural teeth. They are made of non-metal ceramics and they meet high aesthetic standards.

Veneers can be used to reduce the space between teeth, but also to change their shape, size or appearance. Also, they are an excellent solution when it comes to change of color in teeth, when there is a gradation in color of the enamel, which is very common and which results in poor teeth aesthetics in general. Used for frontal teeth, where aesthetic fillings were placed more times so the color and structure of those fillings no longer give a natural and beautiful look.

Teeth whitening is a pleasant, safe and completely painless procedure. The treatment is done by using hydrogen peroxide gel. The lamp then triggers a chemical reaction. This method ensures the best, the fastest and the most visible results. The procedure is supervised by a dentist, hence, it is completely safe and there are no harmful consequences. The process lasts for around 45 minutes resulting in 7-8 shades whiter teeth.